We are

We produce exceptional events in the BFSI sector, that enable learning, foster meaningful connections, inspire growth, and create lasting moments of enjoyment and fun.

At the heart of each of our events lies the power of connection. It’s where people forge relationships, share ideas, and spark collaborations that drive real business results.

“We bring people together to gain valuable insights, build lasting relationships, and create unforgettable experiences that fuel innovation and propel business growth.”

Our Business is built on 4 pillars:

Delivering Excellent Events, Always.

Excellence is our obsession. We meticulously plan and execute events, exceeding expectations for clients and attendees. We measure success by the impact on your goals.

Total Transparency.

Open communication is key. We provide real-time data access, clear communication channels, and performance metrics. Regular updates and honest feedback ensure everyone is informed and empowered.


We push boundaries with new formats, cutting-edge technology, and a culture of experimentation. Audience-centric innovation keeps attendees engaged. Collaboration and sustainability fuel responsible progress.

Ownership and Autonomy.

Empowered team members take ownership and make decisions. We foster a problem-solving culture and encourage professional growth. Clear communication ensures alignment towards shared goals.

Work with us

Since starting out in 2014, MoneyNext has grown to become one of the leading organisers of BFSI events. Want to be part of the talented team behind it all?